Monday, August 29, 2011

alright then....

i have a good feeling about this years cyclocross campaign. i have been riding more, i have a better perspective and  i only work monday thru friday, which is virtually unheard of in restaurants. i also won't be traveling by car to any races, the schedule is slimmer(2 races) but i think i like it better. so i will ride to Wirth Park in mpls for the first one on October 9th. a little more than a month later i will ride to Basset Creek in crystal for the state championships.  i don't know if i'll take part in any of the weeknight clinics or races, i work at 6 am and i'm pretty exhausted after i finish cooking, then cleaning up and planning for the next day. what's a working man to do? it's nice to spend time with one's wife and children on a daily basis as well.

 i broke in a brooks saddle this week. it's a sweet ride, pardon me while i explain the reason; i don't have to adjust my junk everytime i get on the saddle, 'things' slide right into the correct position without the usual manipulation. that's enough about that.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

sunday morning

re-building the cyclocross bike. i have the tires, the chain is fitted and i'm considering my chainring size. new bars this year, new saddle, new brake levers. it's the third bike i have rolling this year, and that may be something i haven't had for a few years. our family has 5 bicycles, not counting the trailer and the trailer bike; plus two bikes we don't ride and a restoration project i have yet to tackle. my wife and i are car-free and loving it.

among my friends this is a small stable. this year a friend of mine had collected so many bicycles that he had to open a bike shop, not the only reason he opened it, but it was a determining factor. i spent Saturday morning visiting a few mechanics trying to organize my thoughts on repair and maintenance and bought a few bit and pieces at each stop. grips and brake pads, bar tape, tires and pleasant conversation on the state of the industry; i even had a chance to consider a few new projects.

what is the state of my preparation for racing after my accident? pretty darn good, i'm 20 pounds lighter and commuting 125 miles a week fits nicely into my training schedule. when i get the cyclocross bike built i will be trading these skinny thighs for a pair of sprinters thighs. it's going to take a major schedule re-adjustment to add a nightly high intensity work-out into the mix.  i'm not going to be on the podium but i don't think i'll be DfL either. i'll let you know how it's going after my first race in October. until then i will be preparing by biking, consuming Belgian beer and eating french fries, and maybe a few mussels.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

riding and building is not training

So i have determined that the first cyclocross race i will enter isn't until sometime in october. i didn't spend the summer riding, nor will i race my way to form for CX championships in November. Too many things to do on the weekends and too little cash. racing every weekend would be ideal, but i hate driving to venues, setting up and then driving home. i will ride my bike to a couple of races, race and then ride home. the alternative would be to drive in a car, pre-ride, warm -up and race, and then drive home. if i ride there i'm already warmed up when i get there, i know the venue so i can skip an extensive pre-ride. it's flawless(on paper).

Whence cometh the training? and where are the 'practice races'?....let me see, how do i put this best....'been there done that, let move on to the other questions'. i'm sure i'll hit a few stairs and practice a few dismounts, but i've been doing this for a while. Can i say it's just like riding a bike without offending anyone? i do have other commitments in my life and i work riding into my life.

I ride 12 miles to work in the morning, work a fairly physical job for 8 hours and then ride home 12 miles. I fitted my road bike that  i use for commuting with cyclocross handlebars. Luckily i have the weekends off, and there are nights to train and perfect technique. I plan on enhancing my base miles of 125 a week with a  few intense work-outs on a cyclocross bike, or maybe i'll ride trails on my mtb. This is not rocket science folks, it will be a great season.