Friday, December 7, 2012

what about krampus?

 i took a test ride on a krampus from HC, it was a prototype since the real thing isn't available yet.
first impressions
700c wheel diameter
really fat (not extreme fat) tires,
nice handling.
i'm still not convinced if i want one.
i  remain unhooked. not unimpressed by the platform just the execution.
 i discussed my misgivings with mr. jimmy, i guess until i ride a fat bike in snow i really will not be convinced about the practicality and functionality of the krampus. i will with-hold judgement until we get some snow.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

weak sauce

so after preparing and training and fixing it all just right. i didn't make it to state cx champs. well, shiver me timbers... friends of mine did and one even won the womens state champion medal. i even got a free skinsuit, not my birthday suit, but close. budgetary constraints prevented my race, and i just went out for drinks the night of no name alley cat. but i did meet someone who will inspire me for quite some time, she's nice. i got free stuff and i met people seems like a good weekend to me. fuck the mcf and their idea of racing! why the hell is the calendar bare for december and january? folks gotta stay in shape for worlds in Louisville in january.