Monday, September 26, 2011

what really matters.....

it ain't shit if it doesn't keep you from going insane.  my day will begin with an alarm at 3:30am, i will rise and get ready for a 12 mile commute. at 4:30 am i will leave the house and start riding on a bicycle loaded with work clothes, the tools of my trade and a few other necessities. it will be chilly, i could even see some rain. it's fall in minnesota and winter will be coming soon, i'll ride through that too. it's my life

i am going to work, i am leaving my family while they sleep. for an hour i will be riding and nothing else will matter, but how my bicycle is performing and how my heart and muscles are pumping blood and utilizing energy to get me from one place to another. i will be at peace.

that is all and that is nothing.