Friday, December 7, 2012

what about krampus?

 i took a test ride on a krampus from HC, it was a prototype since the real thing isn't available yet.
first impressions
700c wheel diameter
really fat (not extreme fat) tires,
nice handling.
i'm still not convinced if i want one.
i  remain unhooked. not unimpressed by the platform just the execution.
 i discussed my misgivings with mr. jimmy, i guess until i ride a fat bike in snow i really will not be convinced about the practicality and functionality of the krampus. i will with-hold judgement until we get some snow.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

weak sauce

so after preparing and training and fixing it all just right. i didn't make it to state cx champs. well, shiver me timbers... friends of mine did and one even won the womens state champion medal. i even got a free skinsuit, not my birthday suit, but close. budgetary constraints prevented my race, and i just went out for drinks the night of no name alley cat. but i did meet someone who will inspire me for quite some time, she's nice. i got free stuff and i met people seems like a good weekend to me. fuck the mcf and their idea of racing! why the hell is the calendar bare for december and january? folks gotta stay in shape for worlds in Louisville in january.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

on the new moon...

i will be starting to prepare for the one race of the season that matters on monday. not gonna race on sunday, but i may make a superfan appearance..... hanging out with and 8 yr old and 5 year old in the cold woods with a bunch of beer swilling heathens is still good parenting right?  45 days to december first and then it the MN state champs. i have raced( or maybe just competed in this more than once. the course may change a little, but it will be sure to included the stairs. old boys will be racing hard since UCI masters is coming in january. first time in history in the US.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

 this the new 'old girl'.....peugeot UO-8.
still needs work, but i never may get to that......swapped out the crosstop lever  for a shimano 600 lever to match the crankset. mafac brakes,
 46 x 16....i know, kinda a big gun for cross, i'm looking for a 36 or 38 in 130 bcd. it'll keep me warm in the wintertime.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ready for action

8 week plan; up daily time in the saddle to 90 minutes. i got skills for cyclocross, i have two decent bikes, i have the time. i may race just to stay motivated. think i'll get right on that. October 14th theo wirth cyclocross.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

building the home bike shop

i mean shop like "shop class" or 'machine shop'. i have work that needs to get done at home because bike shops don't keep overnight hours. it's not much; a truing stand, a table/bench, a spot for tools, a few spare parts boxes and maybe a bike vise/stand. i store wheels  and tires on a broomstick attached to the rafters. frames hang close by. i need a spot close to water since nobody uses flammable solvents anymore.  it would nice to have drainage for winter bikes. of course we'll have ample outlets for power tools, and a charging station., and a coffee pot.  a spot for recyclable metal and reusable rubber. internet access for ordering parts,a poster gallery and an awards cabinet, cause nobody wants that stuff in the living room. a liquor cabinet and beer fridge or a keggerator, plus a spot for water and water bottle storage. a book shelf, a reading chair and lamp, an area to store and dry my kit, messenger-bag/pannier storage. yeah, i'm gonna need a bigger space.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

getting an old bicycle road ready

that's the bike that has been sitting at various residences since 2005. i took it into shop today to measure a seatpost and pull the crank and bottom bracket. i should stick with a standard freewheel and run it single speed... a flip/flop is tempting. it originally came with mafac racer center-pulls which i have on another frame and will re-mount. my handlebar choices are limited.

 i bought a set of 27" rims(sun mistral aero) today for a second pair of wheels built by my hand. the hubs,  front is an old model 72 i found in the back of somebodies shop and i'll probably pick up a rear from velo orange.

i built my first pair of wheels in 1983. i followed jobst brandt's book(1st printing) the bicycle wheel, it was also the last set of wheels i built. it wasn't that it was so hard, it's that it must have took me a week to read the book cover to cover. i read it twice and looked at the appendices as well. then i used the formula for choosing spoke length and started out.  it took me a while like it should and then it took longer. i liked my wheels, i stressed them....they stayed true.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

a boring post on an uninspired saturday morning

mid season repair and replacement; let's highlight the shoes.

 it has been 10-12 years since i bought new bicycle shoes. they've been beat up for a while, the spd cleats seized from winter riding, the rubber bottom worn thin. still not gonna pay more than $100 bucks. i bought these during a period of massive purchases. i was living in chicago, first year as a messenger, wanted a pair of shoes with laces and velcro. still pretty much want the same pair if shoes.