Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ready for action

8 week plan; up daily time in the saddle to 90 minutes. i got skills for cyclocross, i have two decent bikes, i have the time. i may race just to stay motivated. think i'll get right on that. October 14th theo wirth cyclocross.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

building the home bike shop

i mean shop like "shop class" or 'machine shop'. i have work that needs to get done at home because bike shops don't keep overnight hours. it's not much; a truing stand, a table/bench, a spot for tools, a few spare parts boxes and maybe a bike vise/stand. i store wheels  and tires on a broomstick attached to the rafters. frames hang close by. i need a spot close to water since nobody uses flammable solvents anymore.  it would nice to have drainage for winter bikes. of course we'll have ample outlets for power tools, and a charging station., and a coffee pot.  a spot for recyclable metal and reusable rubber. internet access for ordering parts,a poster gallery and an awards cabinet, cause nobody wants that stuff in the living room. a liquor cabinet and beer fridge or a keggerator, plus a spot for water and water bottle storage. a book shelf, a reading chair and lamp, an area to store and dry my kit, messenger-bag/pannier storage. yeah, i'm gonna need a bigger space.