Tuesday, October 18, 2011

tragic yet true

i have a serious parts 'issue', i cannot be left alone on payday with a list of shit that any 1 of my 3 bicycles needs to operate semi-PRO. so i spend alot of time in the bikeshops lusting, craving stuff that i may or may not purchase. i'm not gonna say anything more about bike parts, 'cept that i need some bad, ASAP. the point of this post is to relate the total bullshit that i hear while i'm looking for something or consulting with a crack mechanic on what would solve a drive train issue that has reared it's expensive head.

so even as the skinniest  and most fit people at the table, road bikers and most bikers are constantly watching their weight/diet/VO2 max etc.
i overheard this recently ' dude, this fall carbohydrate and coffee thing is making my skinsuit, like, way too tight'.
Yes. i did almost want to bitch slap that guy with a 700X 23 tire, restrain him with toestraps and force cheeseburgers down his gullet. F-ing roadies!