Monday, January 14, 2013

like father, like son

that's my son after getting 26 stitches Saturday night, 12 January, 2013. he fell down on ice outside our house, he was getting out of the car. paramedics were called, and i was texted. i met the wife, jakob and ella at the ER.   i got there and my son was wrapped in gauze and waiting for registration and intake. it wasn't a pretty sight and my heart sank, he felt better that i was there.
he was pretty calm for a kid who just had a pretty traumatic experience. we walked over to the ER room and settled in for what turned out to be a four hour adventure. people were nice and it wasn't that busy. the surgeon gave my son his ipad and that distracted him nicely. the wound had stopped bleeding, so irrigation and prep was easy. he had a cat scan, and of course he liked it. he was pretty much enjoying this whole thing way too much.
the surgeon came back and did great work. and of course the dr. was a biker. he and i talked  about bikes and trails while he sewed. kinda funny how that happened, a bike rider working on my son's head. jakob kinda liked it too i think. he mentioned while we were waiting for discharge papers how maybe we could get the same room 'the next time we come'. He thought that maybe one accident a season would be nice, winter spring, summer and fall are seasons. when he looked at the stitches in a mirror, of course he said "awesome". my trips to the emergency room with this boy have just begin. i better keep my phone charged and in my pocket at all times. i am the emergency contact and this is not the first emergency call....

Thursday, January 10, 2013

i could care

so january 2013 is here and i'm still riding a short commute and several other rides to an undislosed location. i like riding my bikes, i will try to do it more often. oh, i need a picture here i guess.