Thursday, July 26, 2012

getting an old bicycle road ready

that's the bike that has been sitting at various residences since 2005. i took it into shop today to measure a seatpost and pull the crank and bottom bracket. i should stick with a standard freewheel and run it single speed... a flip/flop is tempting. it originally came with mafac racer center-pulls which i have on another frame and will re-mount. my handlebar choices are limited.

 i bought a set of 27" rims(sun mistral aero) today for a second pair of wheels built by my hand. the hubs,  front is an old model 72 i found in the back of somebodies shop and i'll probably pick up a rear from velo orange.

i built my first pair of wheels in 1983. i followed jobst brandt's book(1st printing) the bicycle wheel, it was also the last set of wheels i built. it wasn't that it was so hard, it's that it must have took me a week to read the book cover to cover. i read it twice and looked at the appendices as well. then i used the formula for choosing spoke length and started out.  it took me a while like it should and then it took longer. i liked my wheels, i stressed them....they stayed true.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

a boring post on an uninspired saturday morning

mid season repair and replacement; let's highlight the shoes.

 it has been 10-12 years since i bought new bicycle shoes. they've been beat up for a while, the spd cleats seized from winter riding, the rubber bottom worn thin. still not gonna pay more than $100 bucks. i bought these during a period of massive purchases. i was living in chicago, first year as a messenger, wanted a pair of shoes with laces and velcro. still pretty much want the same pair if shoes.